How to choose the right tie

In life, many men will encounter a variety of problems about how to choose clothes and clothing. Today, let's talk about our "leading style". So, how do I pick a tie that is of good quality and suitable for my own color?

"Broad business" generally applies to business diplomacy, business negotiations, work and other formal occasions, giving people a feeling of low-key atmosphere, calm; the appropriate age range is roughly 35-65 years old, general state leaders are wearing this kind of, there are older men, more in love with this breadth of ties.

"Narrow fashion" is more suitable for the younger generation, 18-35 years old. Its characteristics are that fashion is active, not rigid, and it is also a popular style in the market at present. It is suitable for young people to work, interview, attend banquets, wedding ceremonies and other occasions.

So "ultra-narrow leisure type", which belongs to the younger generation of 90's prefer style, can be unrestrained, random collocation, more free and free.


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