How to match a tie

Tie is a good partner for men in the workplace, a good tie can give the whole body dress up a big bonus points. In fact, the shirt tie with a great knowledge. To match appropriately, it really requires the men to take some effort.

Young people should choose flower-type lively, strong color tie, in order to increase the user's youthful vigor; for older people, you should choose a solemn and generous flower type, and women should choose a plain tie.

At the same time, pay attention to the shirt tie collocation at the same time, but also pay attention to the coordination of shirt tie color, in order to increase the elegance of refined, charm doubled good effect.

Silver gray, white suit should be paired with red tie chic more eye-catching; red, purple suit with white tie elegant and luxurious, navy, dark green suit with yellow, rose tie revealed deep implicit temperament; brown, dark green suit with azure tie show elegant temperament.

Wear silver gray, ivory suit, suitable for wearing red, vermilion, dark green, blue, brown black tie, will give a quiet, beautiful, chic feeling.

Wear red, purple-red suit, suitable for wearing white, Lahang, silver, blue, emerald green tie, to show an elegant and luxurious effect.

Wear deep blue, dark green suit, suitable for wearing orange, white, blue, rose tie, so wearing will give a deep, implicit beauty.

Wear a brown, dark green suit, suitable for wearing blue, Lahang, orange and yellow tie, will show a delicate elegant demeanor.

Wear a black, brown suit, suitable for wearing silver gray, ivory, blue, white red stripes or blue and black stripes tie, it will appear more solemn and generous.

The most common use of business men is wearing a shirt and tie with the suit, no matter where there is no loss of grace, deeply loved by people in various fields. The variety of shirts, tie is a close friend of the shirt, only know in different occasions using different shirt tie collocation method, the use of color, line between the combination of the collision to reflect the essence of your collocation, to reflect your personal overall style, the achievement of quality men.

The matching of shirt and tie is a knowledge, if collocation is improper, it is possible to destroy the whole feeling, but if collocation is ingenious, can grasp the eye of everybody, and appear oneself ingenuity. A tie always plays a leading role because it is the most eye-catching part of the costume. Generally speaking, should first focus on the tie and the suit jacket match. In a more fastidious view, the color of the coat should be the base color of the tie.

White shirts are very good for every man, suitable for every occasion, and not outdated, so each man should at least prepare a change of white shirt, it and a variety of lively colors or bold tie with a good match. Timeless Fashion collocation is a white or light blue shirt with monochrome or a bright patterned tie. It's a timeless match.

In the fashion collocation of the road, simple forever please. Don't try to be unconventional if you're not so confident in your taste for your tie. You know, most men don't feel good about patterns. Not only that, you never know your "different" taste may cause people to dislike. The combination of a shirt and a tie also reflects, in a way, the sophistication of your manners.

Every man should have at least one white or light blue collar buckle shirt. In terms of ties, there is at least one pure blue or wine-red tie for daytime use, and there should be a silk jacquard tie or a plain black tie for use in lieu of plastron at a formal dinner party.

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