How to tie a tie(1)?

    For men, tie is also very important, after all, tie is also a man's decoration, and not only men must know to tie the tie, many women can learn some, to help men tie is also a romance, share below each A simple illustration of a tie.

1、Windsor Knot

Windsor Knot.png

    The Windsor knot is a tie knot named after the Duke of Windsor and is the most orthodox tie.

    The formed triangle is full and strong, suitable for wide collar shirts.

    The assembly should be more horizontal. Avoid ties that are too thick and do not build too large.

    Tips: The wide edge first reserved a long space, when the tape is loose, tight will affect the size of the tie knot.

2、Piain Knot

Piain Knot.png

    Piain Knot is one of the most used tie styles for men.

   It is suitable for almost all kinds of materials.

   When finished, the necktie is slanted, suitable for narrow collar shirts.

   Tips: In the picture, the wide side is on the left-hand side, and you can also play on the right-hand side; in the case of “man's dimple” (formation of concave and convex), try to make both sides even and symmetrical.

3、Double CrossKnot

Double CrossKnot.png

    Double cross knots easily reflect the elegant and grand temperament of men, suitable for formal events.

    The necktie style should be used on plain and silk neckties. If a shirt with a big lapel is suitable, there is a sense of honor.

    Tips: The wide side pierces from the first lap to the second lap and completes the assembly.


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