How to tie a tie(2)?

1、Double Knot

Double Knot .png

    A tie with a fine texture and a double loop knot can create a sense of fashion.

    Suitable for young office workers.

    Tip: The feature of the tie is that the first lap will be slightly exposed outside the second lap, do not deliberately cover.

2、Cross Kont

Cross Kont.png

     Cross Kont is a necktie style that is suitable for single-colored and thin neckties.

     For people who like to show a sense of popularity may wish to use more "cross-knot."

    The feature of the cross knot is that the knot that is played has a dividing line, which is suitable for elegant and light-colored neckties, and is very fashionable.

    Tips: Note that the step-by-step tie is back to front

3、The PrinceAlbert Knot

The PrinceAlbert Knot.png

   The Prince Albert knot applies to romantic buckle and point collar shirts with a romantic, soft, thin tie. The "dimple of the people's dimples" is slightly tilted on both sides.

   Tips: The wide edge first reserved a long space, and in the second round as close together as possible to complete this perfect knot.


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