How to tie a tie(3)?

1、The Simple Knot

The Simple Knot.png

    For tie with thick texture, it is most suitable for playing in standard and button neckline shirts.

    Easy to use, ideal for business trips.

    It is characterized by first turning the wide end 180 degrees from top to bottom, and hiding the fold at the rear to complete the knot.

    This tie knot is very tight, popular in the end of the 18th century British groom.

    After being completed, the length of the tie can be adjusted again, which is convenient and quick when going out.

    Tips: The common driver is the simplest of all tie styles, especially for thick fabric tie, which does not cause tie knots to become bloated.

2、The Trend Knot

The Trend Knot.png

    The The Trend Knot is a perfect knot, so it is suitable for a variety of romantic series of collars and shirts.

    The Trend Knot can be scaled up or down by folding adjustments, and the length of the rest can be controlled according to actual needs.

    The Trend Knot knot shape, tie lines straight and beautiful, easy to leave a clean and strict and good impression.

    Tips: The wide sides underneath the bow tie can be folded to reduce the size of the knot. The narrow side can also be moved to the left and right to make a small part of it appear beside the wide-sleeved tie.

3、TheHalf-Windsor Knot

The Half-Windsor Knot.png

    Best suited for romantic collared collars and standard neckline shirts.

    The Half Windsor knot is a symmetric tie knot that is slightly larger than the Prut knot and smaller than the Windsor knot.

    Looks like a lot of steps, it is not difficult to do it, after the tie is usually a very good position.

    Tips: Using a thin section tie is easier to use, suitable for people who do not often tie.


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