How to tie a tie(4)?



    The most easy to use for all the bow ties, applies to a variety of styles of romantic series of shirts and ties.

     Knotting can be accomplished in four steps, hence the name "Four Hands."

     It is the most convenient tie method, suitable for narrow neckties, with a narrow collar shirt, casual style, suitable for ordinary occasions.

     Tips: similar to the Piain Knot.

2、Trinity Knot

Trinity Knot.png

    The source of Trinity Knot is unknown, and it may be that someone is bored to create a tie at home when he studies a tie. This tie is very beautiful, with three parts intertwined into a perfect triangle. However, remember to use a light texture tie to play this kind of tie knot, otherwise it will    make tie knots look particularly heavy.

     TyrinityKnot with different textures will have different effects. For example, playing Trinity Knot with a smooth satin textured tie will enhance the gorgeous effect. However, TrinityKnot must be tied tightly, otherwise it is easy to loosen down.

Trinity Knot .png

     The Trinity Knot's first few steps are somewhat similar to those of the Windsor knot, except that the Windsor knot is played with a thick tie and the Trinity Knot uses a tie with a narrow tie to tie a tie. Steps 9 and 10 are the most critical steps. When you tie your necktie, you will need to stretch it out. Otherwise, the final tie knot effect will appear crumpled.

3、Eldredge Knot

Eldredge Knot.png

     This is a very beautiful but very complicated tie knot. The source was invented in 2008, when someone was very boring. Then he sent video tutorials to Youtube, and the tie became popular. Of course, there are also people who say that Eldredge Knot was circulated from Tumblr. What the truth is is now unknown.

     The Eldredge Knot embodies perfect plumpness, triangles, and layering. It allows us to know that the tie can be the same. No matter who sees this knot tie, they all want to challenge it. Let's learn together.

Eldredge Knot .png

     Like TrinityKnot, Eldredge Knot also uses a thin one to tie a tie. The first five steps are the play of the semi-Windsor knot. After completing the tie on the first tie, it is then added to this layer. After the end, you should hide the excess tie from behind the tie. Like the Windsor knot, the Eldredge  Knot is also a tie for a wide collar shirt.


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