How to wash the tie

Washing raw materials

such as their own dry cleaning, washing raw materials for high-purity alcohol or more than 120th of colorless solvent gasoline.

Soak the silk tie for about 10 minutes, use smooth and unarmed sticks to tap the dirty place of the tie, such as the area of the tie stain is too large, can be lightly rubbed with hands; Solvent after the evaporation, such as still a large number of stains on the tie, can be soft brush dip water gently scrub.

Washing method

Because the tie fabric and lining materials are different, washed very easy to wrinkle, but also easy to damage the luster of the necktie surface, must not put the whole of the tie into the water washing, preferably dry cleaning. Tie knot place easy to dip in dirt, can put it into a basin of gasoline with a hand rub wash or scrub. Other places with dirt, with cloth dipped in gasoline to scrub it.

Ironing method

Whether it is a kind of material of the tie, ironing should not use high temperature, otherwise this tie will become ruthless flat, ruthless flat, less the tie of the natural pendant feeling.

Ironing must be on the surface of the first layer of cotton cloth, to avoid the iron directly with the tie cloth contact, such as steam iron vapor to deal with large areas of wrinkles, the edge needs to be more obvious creases in the ironing method is preferred.

When ironing, use cardboard to cut into tie-shaped or a piece of white paper folded into a tie, insert into the lining of the tie, and then gently ironing to prevent the sides to iron too dead, but also do not use a pad to iron, but it is advisable to use low medium temperature, ironing speed to avoid yellowing and "Aurora" Phenomenon. If the tie has a slight crease, it can be tightly rolled on the clean bottle, the wrinkles can disappear.