Methods of tie washing and maintenance

   Ties are made from fragile fabrics (such as silk, etc.). If ink, coffee, or juice stains the necktie, those stains are difficult to clean, and in many cases they stay on the tie forever. Even if those stains can be washed away, the cleaning process will damage the tie and affect its appearance. This is particularly evident on silk ties. Therefore, at the beginning, you should take care to protect your tie and avoid the tie being contaminated by sap.

1. After the silk tie is used up, it should generally be hung in the cabinet, ventilated and prevented from being pressed; it must be dry-cleaned and ironed at low temperature.

2, polyester silk tie can be washed with neutral detergent, hanging drip dry, reverse ironing, do not twist stir.

3. If the tie is unfortunately contaminated, you can use a paper towel or handkerchief on the stain to dry the juice. Keep in mind that those stains cannot be wiped because this will enlarge the scope of the stain.

4. When washing the tie, it should be placed on top of a smooth wooden board. Brush lightly with the brush and wash it lightly.

5, mild stains as long as the use of cotton alcohol, cotton stains in the stain along the silk fabric gently wipe it on it, without washing.

Methods of tie washing and maintenance.png

6. If the necktie is too dirty, dry it up with No. 120 solvent gasoline.

7, before washing, put a layer of the same shape of hard paper in the tie, and then spray water, scrub the detergent with a brush to gently brush dirt, and then fully and quickly brushing, and finally rinse with water.

8, tie should not be exposed to the sun, otherwise it will cause silk yellowing, affecting the appearance.

9, tie for a long time, it is best to iron it once before storage, in order to achieve the purpose of insecticidal sterilization, storage tie to keep dry.

10. Send the tie to the dry-cleaning dry-cleaning. Remember to point out the location of the stain to the clerk of the dry cleaners. This ensures that the clerk knows the presence of smudges. When they dry clean, they can make appropriate treatment.


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