The main origin of the tie

Shengzhou is located in eastern Zhejiang, Cao E River upstream (ancient called Yan Fenghua Creek), north of Hangzhou, east of Ningbo, the city's total area of 1784 square kilometers. Has a long history, the ancient times, outstanding, beautiful landscapes, has "southeast landscape more for the most, the more scenery Yan Fenghua leading" said. From ancient times until now, there have been many literati, celebrities into the Yan Fenghua to win, leaving a lot of historical monuments and famous poems. It has Wang Xizhi, Xie Lingyun, the Tang Dynasty Li Bai (Li Bai in the Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan 12 years (A.D. 724) out of Shu Travel, two years later, from Guangling to Yan Fenghua, 14 years in Kaiyuan (A.D. 726) wrote the Yan Fenghua of the store Yong, poem Cloud: "Jiewen Yan Fenghua Middle Road, southeast refers to the township." Boat from Guangling, water to join the long. Bamboo-colored Creek Green, lotus mirror incense. The resignation of the king to the days of the basking, blowing stone lying autumn frost. "Li Bai sleepwalking day mu Yin Liube" of the ancient masterpiece: "I Want to dream of Wu Yue, Night fit Jinghu Moon." Lake Moon in my shadow, send me to Yan Fenghua Creek. Du Fu, Bai Juyi and Lu You, Zhu Xi, and other recreational, settlement, lecturing relics and Chant Yan Fenghua. Du Fu has a poem Yue: "Yan Fenghua Yun Xiu different, can't stop forgetting." "is a portrait of the Ancients to Yan Fenghua Creek."

Shengzhou Ancient elegant, cultural flourishing, talented. And in modern times, Shengzhou people have nurtured the famous Shaoxing opera at home and abroad, the emergence of the Economist Demographers Yinchu, musicians Ninguang, Shaoxing Opera performing artists Sheifen Sisters and the world Go champion Ma Xiaochun, such as a large number of international celebrities, so that Shengzhou become "Shaoxing Opera Town", "Go Town", "Tang Poetry Road", "Tie Town", " The township of tea, "Township of bamboo weaving" and "The Road of Tang poetry" on a bright pearl.

Shengzhou because of the mountain and show because of water, Siminshan, West Bss trans things, Days Yi, zhi Dashan looking north and south. Mountain Spring Clear, Glen Deep show, Cliff Cliff, Longtan waterfall, everywhere strange. Shengzhou existing hundred Zhang Waterfall, thousand years old Town, Zhedong Big Dragon Valley, Zhan Shan Scenic Area, Nanshan Lake, St. Garden, Khe first Floor, yinchu former residence, Shaoxing Opera Museum and other scenic spots.

Flourishing Shengzhou tie industry, originated from the beginning of the reform and opening-up, the mainland "Suit hot" rise. 1985, Shengzhou Hong Kong businessmen Lu Lu to see the opportunity, in Shengzhou founded the first tie enterprise-Zhejiang Province Jia Tie Co., Ltd., became the first "fire" Shengzhou tie, also became the First Sino-foreign joint ventures in Zhejiang province. Since then a spark gradually spread into prairie fire in Shengzhou, Shengzhou appeared a tie enterprise. And the Chinese tie city also rises with it, and three times vicissitude and development, has laid a solid foundation for expanding the market of tie.

Shengzhou's tie was "tied" to more than half of China. According to the annual output of Shengzhou tie, each of the 5 Chinese men's necks, 4 are tied with Shengzhou tie; each of the 3 "foreigners" in a suit is dressed in a Shengzhou tie.