Tie Industry Development

China has formed the international famous necktie design, production, manufacture, sales base and industrial cluster. Many of the world's top brands are manufactured in China. In the domestic market, the strongest tie brand has Covherlab, Valderon, Babe/Cardin, Kinleyley and so on.

China tie production base is concentrated in Zhejiang Shengzhou, there are "China tie City" said, there are many family workshops, after more than 20 years of development. In the 2007, the Shengzhou tie industry continued its galloping. 2007 the first half of the total industrial output value of 2.299 billion yuan, product sales revenue of 2.196 billion yuan, total profit of 153 million yuan, production 112 million, year-on-year growth of 25.1%, 23.1%, 35% and 28.1% respectively. Tax revenue 88.839 million yuan, an increase of 3.7%.

Import and export trade. 2006 1-December, China imports the number of neckties and cravat 1,105,401.00/kg, with sinks 6,695,047.00 USD. 2006 1-December, China's export ties and cravat number is 217,108,385.00/kg, earning 327,850,343.00 USD. 2007 1-November, China imports the number of neckties and cravat 1,452,052.00/kg, with sinks 8,720,083.00 USD. 2007 1-November, the number of Chinese export ties and cravat is 230,509,443.00/kg, the amount of foreign exchange is 352,813,596.00 USD.