• Extra Long Silk Tie
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    Extra Long Silk Tie

    This tie is specially designed for big and tall, its size is 165 * 8 * 4, Polka point design. Accept custom size. The range of design and color. Long necktie design can bring a lot of benefits to people. If you have some specific tie making requirements, we can also provide you with specific...Read More
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    Whether worn simply in the boardroom or paired with a suit for a special occasion, especially suited for member staff for uniforms. Yellow tie and H letter printing match perfectly. The product is exciting and is an easy to add a dose of debonair style to your outfit. PRODUCTS ADVANTAGE, 1,...Read More
  • Burgundy Silk Tie
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    Burgundy Silk Tie

    The Chaoyang is the key word for this tie. We can choose the size and color range of the tie. The color of burgundy can make you serious with a hint of witty. Burgundy though it sounds very bright, but actually as a tie color match is just good. It looks very ambitious. After you choose 1.We...Read More
  • Black Silk Tie
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    Black Silk Tie

    Some specific occasions need to wear specific clothing, like some serious places need to wear solemn, not too exaggerated. We can provide the size and color range. Black gives a sense of mystery and seriousness. We are very suitable for wearing this tie when attending some important and serious...Read More
  • Polyester Woven Clip Necktie
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    Polyester Woven Clip Necktie

    This tie removes the necking of the neck, allowing people to work comfortably all day. It's very convenient to wear and take off the tie。At the same time, it has improved the tedious steps of the tie. The design of the stripes on the necktie is also very comfortable visually. Getting up in...Read More
  • Polyester Screen Print Ties
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    Polyester Screen Print Ties

    This ties print pattern is not fixed. Customers can make it according to their own requirements. And the printing is clear and does not overlapping. It is a very characteristic tie. And stains are not easy to see at parties. This will not cause some embarrassment. So it can help you to a certain...Read More
  • Polyester Printed Tie
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    Polyester Printed Tie

    This polyester printed tie is made from the fabric of 16mm. The above patterns are witty but not serious. High quality printing technology is the core of this necktie making. If you have some more interesting and special patterns, we can also print them on your ties. Everyone would like it...Read More
  • Polyester Knitted Ties
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    Polyester Knitted Ties

    This tie is made of high quality yarn and is very suitable for any season. Its fabric is made up of 100%polyester. The product has three colors: navy, red, grey, and more colors can be selected from catalogs or pantone books. Made of high quality yarn, very suitable for any season. High quality...Read More
  • Polyester Jacquard Necktie
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    Polyester Jacquard Necktie

    This tie is made of 100% polyester, microfiber yarn. This tie is made of pure purple shadow and blue and white stripes. It looks very beautiful in quality and color. Wearing this tie to travel with your family will add a nice touch to your trip. Getting up every morning doesn't have to be...Read More
  • Polka Dots Tie
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    Polka Dots Tie

    This polka dots tie is evenly distributed with dots. Its style is very nice but not fancy. The color of the tie and the dots can be selected and combined. It is suitable for all kinds of people to wear. The collocation of the total purple and black dots on the tie is also excellent. FAQ: Q1 :...Read More
  • Microfiber Tie
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    Microfiber Tie

    This microfiber tie is more convenient to wear around the neck, and is very suitable for outgoing tolerances and students. The fabric of this tie is made up of 100% polyester. If you need it, we can add LOGO for you. And the size and color of the tie can also provide you with different styles....Read More
  • Microfiber Necktie
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    Microfiber Necktie

    This tie can easily add a little loose style to your clothes. The material of superfine fiber gives people a comfortable handle. We provide high quality neckties and high quality services. Wearing such a tie will increase the efficiency of work even because of the pleasure of the mood. FAQ:...Read More
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