A Method Of Scarf

Single cross style ordinary scarf method, in the overall matching effect will give you.

Scarf method

A refreshing feeling. This shawl method makes the neck slightly fluffy, so when matching the coat, it is necessary to stand up the collar and tie the scarf outside so that it doesn't seem to be bloated.

8 shaped knot

The method is simple, just a simple knot, because it is 8 shaped on the neck, so it looks more complex, a good shawl will leave a rich shawl in front of the chest, which can impress people.

Shoulder fold knot single cross knot

Apply to the shawl: a rectangular shape, the features are practical, warm, and the coloured shawls are easier to match with the clothes. It looks fashionable and elegant, the shawl is very simple, and the thick shawl is also suitable for this type. Double cervical posterior junction

The shape is natural, flowing and fashionable, because the shawl is tied behind it, so it looks pretty and beautiful from behind. It's very well coordinated with small suits.

Double eight characters

The Korean shawl scarf is also called the double eight character system. This method is the simplest. First, separate the scarves from the middle and cross the back to the back, then cross the chest to the chest and cross the chest to the shoulders. This system is the most suitable for OL. There is no lack of femininity in fashion.


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