About How To Buy Silk Jacquard Ties

Most people choose their necktie because they need it instead of decorating it. So, first, make clear the occasion they wear and the feeling they want to convey to others. On Monday morning? Wedding ceremonies? See customers? To show the authority of leadership? Professional sense? Yuppie? Cool?            

Necktie is accessories, single look is meaningless, we should pay attention to the overall (V area) collocation effect.

1, Attention width            

8cm is the standard width, suitable for most occasions. The narrower the sense of fashion is, the wider it is, the more gorgeous it is.

2.  Two, the choice of color

3 classic collocations are recommended, without error:First, for the sense of authority, learn BOSS, black / Tibetan jacket + red tie + pure color shirt. But this kind of match is also easy to have a sense of distance;second, meet with customers and have a professional sense. A blue coat and a blue tie.;third, young, I recommend this gray suit, and cultivate a little bit. There is still vigor, and the necktie of the green tone is also OK.

3.  Three, the selection of patterns            

Pay attention to the style of the pattern itself. The pattern should be contrasting with the pattern of the garment, and it can’t be mixed into one piece.

4.  Four, material selection.            

Try to see the plumpness of the knot, the smoothness of the necktie, the gloss and the feel of the handle. Silk Jacquard Ties is the first push, and the feeling of hand cannot be replaced.


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