About The Role Of The Tie

It is believed that the origin of the tie is due to the need of people's life, and there are two kinds of legends.

A cloth that is considered to be a man's mouth for men, originating from the collar of an English man. Before the Industrial Revolution, Britain was also a backward country, eat meat with hands, and then a large chunk of the mouth to chew, adult men and popular beard, a large chunk of meat a bite on the beard greasy, men with sleeves to rub. In order to deal with men this kind of do not love clean behavior, women in the men's collar hung a cloth, for them to wipe the mouth, over time, the cloth under the collar, it became the British men's coat traditional appendages. After the Industrial Revolution, the United Kingdom developed into a developed capitalist country, people are very fastidious about basic necessities, the cloth hanging under the collar evolved into a tie.

Another legend that the tie was the Roman Empire era, the army for the cold, dustproof and other practical purposes to use. The army went to war on the front, the wife for her husband, friends for friends to the scarf like scarf hanging around their necks, in the war to bandage, stop bleeding. Later, in order to distinguish the soldiers, the company, the use of different colors and color of the scarf, and then evolved to today, become a necessity for professional clothing.

Tie Decoration said that the origin of the tie is the expression of human beauty emotion. In the middle of 17th century, a Croatian cavalry from the French army returned to Paris in triumph. They wear martial uniforms, neck collar with a scarf, color various, very good-looking, riding in the immediately appear very spirit, prestige. Some of the fashion-loving dude in Paris watched, became more interested, imitated, and tied a scarf to his collar. The next day, a minister to the neck, a white scarf on the collar, but also in front of a beautiful bow tie, road XIV King met with great praise, the public announced the bow tie as a noble symbol, and ordered the upper class should be so dressed.