Basic Information Of Vest

The  crotch in the Wei, Jin, northern and Southern dynasties of China is the young type of vest, for the open collar sleeveless waist coat, imitated from the Han Dynasty  crotch armour, take its "when the back is careful" meaning, Song Dynasty is called Vest. To the Qing Dynasty, a variety of vest shapes, Dajin, cardigan, pipa lapel, and men and women can wear. One of them is a row of 13 horizontal buttons in the "Baturu (full language Warrior) waistcoat", first used in court dignitaries, after the general officials to wear, soldiers also use vests as livery. During the Republic of China, the laboring people put their vests in their coats. Wearing vests in modern life is very common. The vest is usually named after its making material, such as leather vest, sweater vest, etc. It can be made into a single, folder, can also be filled in the vest in the wadding material. According to the material is called cotton vest, cashmere vest, feather vest, etc.

A sleeveless blouse, also known as a vest or waistcoat, is a sleeveless, short blouse. The main function is to make the front and rear chest area warm and easy to move hands. It can be worn inside the coat or outside the underwear. The main varieties have a variety of models of the suit vest, cotton vest, down vest and sweater vest and so on.