Classification Of Prints In Digital Printing Silk Ties

 Common patterns are stripes, villains, grid, wave points, broken flowers, and irregular patterns.

(1)The striped digital printing silk ties gives a mature, steady and rational feeling and is very suitable for wearing in a formal business environment. Straight striped suits or shirts should be avoided using vertical or striped ties. 

(2)The delicate and fine workmanship of the suit with fine and fine fabric is more elegant, gentlemanly and rigorous. It is very suitable for the use of fashion style suits.

(3)Wearing a small digital printing silk ties can make the wearer in a steady and cordial manner, giving people a sense of regularity, which is suitable for first dates, blind dates and elders. Although the large pattern tie that strikes the color line highlights the trend of fashion, it needs to be used carefully for the higher requirements of collocation. 

(4) The wave point and the broken flower digital printing silk ties are suitable for the pure color and dark suit. It has a very good age reduction effect for the middle-aged people over 40 years old, and can give the wearer a lively and cordial feeling.        

(5) The dark digital printing silk ties has no obvious characteristics, low profile and restrained, but reveals exquisite.

(6) Irregular patterns, such as geometric figures, birds and birds, etc., are creative, but lack of a sense of gravity and are not suitable for formal use. They can be worn on fashion streets, entertainment dates, or friends' meals.


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