Color Selection And Collocation Of Silk Knitting Necktie

Color selection and collocation of silk knitting necktie

There are several factors that affect the choice of tie collocation.            

1. The color of shirts and suits should be considered as the main part of the 70% area in the visual effect. Unless the suit is assumed to be all black, but the presupposition is not recommended, the black shirt and white shirt simplify the question and the answer is of little value. In this respect, it is necessary to understand the "collocation knowledge", which is the basic course of the designer, but it is very practical for the ordinary people. It can be applied to the vast majority of life needs, and it is suggested that middle school students should be required as a required course. I'll simply talk about color knowledge later.            

2. The occasion and the habitual collocation, the occasion determines the dress etiquette grade, in addition to the natural formation of some habitual collocation should also be taken into account. First, the occasion: take formal occasions such as dinner parties as an example, tie basically has only one color: black. Or if you want to appear a little different, you can only choose grey or white. Another habit: the red tie is almost the mark of a politician who needs to be alive, while the blue shirt deepens the blue twill tie, which is the most common in the office white-collar workers. The second parts can also expand on some cases. Today's time is tight. The color of the suit, the suit button and the trousers are an English standard color, called the breze collocation. The color of the tie and the chest bag is his own play.

3. the vest (or sweater), bags, shoes and other accessories colors must be taken into consideration. High level collocation usually does not appear in the same color system, which is too simple. Let's see: suppose you wear a suit jacket. According to convention, trousers must be of different colors. Maybe your leather shoes and leather bags are very difficult to coincidentally color with your coat or pants, with other colors of sweaters and shirts... (the collocation of a sweater or sweater belongs to the casual category, but this article is not limited to the formal dress.) To complete this kind of collocation, no superior hand. Pay attention to the bottom of the socks, small area and strong contrast.

The final summary:

First, the dress collocation is a learning, the novice usually starts from the black and white ash with a little refreshing color, gradually step into the coordination color, and finally tries to contrast the color, so that it will be easier to master in this step. Two, as mentioned above for men's clothing, we must pay attention to reducing the saturation of color, to be dark or pink, not too bright. Three, color matching is only the basic theory, the use of clothing in the good need through long-term learning exercise, in the men's classic clothes with good use of suit knowledge and etiquette culture training.


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