How Can A Casual Suit Match

Casual suit with jeans, pay special attention to the choice of suits. Usually a casual suit made of cotton or linen is a good choice. (Usually suits are made of wool fabrics, of course, sometimes the wool component will also be blended with some silk, chemical fiber and other ingredients)

How to match in a casual suit is also a concern. A round neck print T-shirt or casual shirt is a good choice. Concise casual suits can be paired with colorful T-shirts or casual shirts. Can tie with a tie, but do not choose a formal tie, the narrow casual tie is a good choice.

The choice of jeans is of course also crucial. The primary criterion for jeans is also simple. The fancy jeans style will only bring the opposite effect. The fabric effect of jeans can be washed, and the wear effect is also good. The color of the fabric must be matched with suits.

Other accessories include belts, shoes and so on. Jeans with belt should also pay attention, do not be too formal, a casual belt with personality is the best choice. The requirements of leather shoes are not too high, as long as it is not the kind of shiny dress shoes.

White shirts and men's companions have a long history. White shirts give men a gentleman's style. What color suits are acceptable, and they are not prone to errors. All kinds of wild items that can be attended by dance parties and business meetings are pleasing to the eye. Easy and free! White striped shirt with orange suit + brown trousers, so you are free and cool.