How Do Boys Pick Their First Men's Suits For Wedding

Many people's concept of a suit may still stay at the stage of buying an ordinary dress, not aware of its importance, but only that there is a set in the wardrobe that can be worn at least. Yes, I also know that many people may not be able to attend more important and large occasions at the moment, perhaps the college graduate reply, or the annual corporate annual meeting is the peak, so the suit is basically a bright appearance at this time.            

But now that you want to wear a suit, we'll be serious. Not a fit suit can increase your chances of getting offer or add a little charm to the annual meeting. So I suggest that boys, especially those who have just graduated from universities, must carefully select a suit that suits them.


First of all, you can make sure to do it.            

Asian men are quite different from those in Europe and America. Many finished suits are beautiful in the window but they are not the same on you. Because even the models are European and American, the shoulders are thin, but Asian Boys are often narrow shoulders. There was a glimmer of pity in the embarrassment. If you haven't put yourself into a European and American figure for the time being, let's look for a teacher's body tailoring. It's the main point of the dress. It doesn't make sense to see the price tag.            

I think a suit is appropriate, focusing on two aspects: material cutting is the first aspect, color and collocation is the second aspect. A lot of children do not have to understand, so give a few small skills, the cutting to try to find the teacher or a larger custom studio, materials to choose light and breathable, to avoid too much plate of material, although ironing looks very hard, but sit up and stand up will be a group of rag, you often act big and not always often have Time to spare money for dry cleaning, it is recommended to pick soft cloth.            

Color and collocation are equally important.            

In fact, the color of the suit is not especially easy to make mistakes. It can't choose black. If you want to have a little bit of caution, the blue and dark lattices are a good choice, the slim students can choose to add a small vest, which will make you seem a lot of gentlemen. In addition, be sure to choose the right shoes with a suit, not wearing a tie pocket without a scarf are small things, but wearing the wrong shoes, you will collapse.


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