How Much Is The Length Of The Tie

The tie is too short - tied to the top of the navel, even if it is a good figure, the stomach will also be highlighted. At this point, the tie becomes an arrow.

When you have a long tie - you get underneath your belt. This tie will make the upper body look very long, and it looks a little hunched and it even looks unconfident. At the same time, it will look short and short and your legs will be shorter.

The correct tie method: the length of the tie should be just above the belt – the neck of the tie is just over the navel, so that the man looks like he has mastered the body's center of gravity.

Tie length

Standard ties are between 132 and 142 centimeters in length. When the ties are finished, the tie's tip falls right on the belt buckle.


Ties ranging from 2 cm to 15 cm wide have been popular. If you want to insure something, choose the ideal size that is not affected by the trend: tie 9.5 cm to 10 cm wide.


Ties of silk texture are always the right choice.