How To Choose The Right Tie?

1, usually work is installed?

If it is used for work, it can be a plain tie, such as blue tone, black tone, but excessive publicity, appear implicit and meticulous, highlighting professional accomplishment. Can also be a brighter color, performance of personality, highlighting the fashion flavor, such as blue and white stripes, yellow tones and so on. Of course, it also has to do with the nature of your work. If you are usually in and out of a formal situation, more serious will be more mature and stable.

2, casual suit?

Casual suit itself is relatively relaxed, more casual, then the tie will choose bright and lively, with the suit shirt color matching, you can choose a pure color tie, such as beige, light blue, light purple, pink, etc., can also choose a stripe or unique flower tie.

3, to participate in the evening?

A bright tie is usually chosen for a party because the lights are relatively dim and a bright tie can make you look more energetic.

4. Attend business meetings?

Business meetings are usually held in more upscale hotels, hotels, etc., belong to a very formal occasion, everyone is working as a starting point, so that everyone in the understanding and communication at the same time, professional dress can highlight your ability to work, work attitude, personality characteristics, etc., at this time wear a tie must be stable, deep The shades, dark shades, reflect your subtlety and make your potential partners or superiors pay more attention to you.

5, to participate in the wedding?

The wedding tie must be warm colors, the groom uses red, including deep red, red and red tie, and as a guest the best red is better, remember not to wear a white tie. Very conspicuous.


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