How To Maintain The Scarf

Pure cotton Scarf: In the first cleaning time will have a little fade, this with the quality of the scarf has a certain relationship, in the first time to wash a pure cotton scarf when the best to put some salt in the water, so as to prevent fading.

Silk scarf: Dissolve it in water with soap or soap first, note that the water temperature is not too high, the finger into the cold can be, and then put the silk scarf into the hand, gently wash, pay attention not to rub, also can not wash directly with the washing machine, so easily deformed and hurt silk scarf, after washing, Be sure to wash the soap liquid with water.

Pure or blended synthetic fiber scarf: This kind of scarf, must not be soaked in boiling water, this kind of chemical fiber, can not withstand the temperature of boiling water, often because of excessive temperature shrinkage and deformation, destroyed the original shape, and the elasticity of the clothes will be affected.