How To Match Men's Shirt

Shirts and suits with

Black suit: Wear a light white shirt with a white color and a tie that matches the color of the shirt such as gray, blue, and green.

Gray Suit: Wear a light white shirt with white, grey, green, yellow or brick tie.

Blue Suit: Wear pink, yellow, silver or bright blue shirt with dark blue, gray and yellow tie.

Brown suit: Wear white, gray, silver or bright brown shirt with dark brown and gray tie.

Matching shirts and clothing

1. Don't forget to wear casual trousers and sneakers like khakis and fine canvas when wearing casual shirts. The color choices can be bold, and you don't have to stick to black, gray and other insurance colors.

2. People with dark yellow skin wear green and gray tone shirts that look darker and yellowish and cause some dirty feelings; fair-skinned people wear bright shirts to set the skin white, but this often makes men It is too feminine and lacks masculinity. Of course, this is also where the neutral trend is surging.

3. Wear a large number of gold and silver jewelry when wearing floral shirts

4. Fat people wearing shirts with small square collars will look a bit rigid and cramped. They should choose a pointed collared shirt that is more appropriate.