How To Receive The Scarf

1, if you want to use the silk scarf can be used directly, I believe that the use of the frequency will be greatly increased, here to introduce you to 4 kinds of wrinkles are not easy to produce, but also easy to find and do not occupy the space of the collection method. Try it according to your actual needs.

(1) can be used hanging suit trousers hanger, will be folded into the silk scarf can be used immediately to suspend the state, and clamp fixed, easy to access.

(2) The use of cardboard small collection drawer, you can choose the width of about 30cm products, will be folded into 1/4 of the silk scarf fold after the collection.

(3) will be a lot of folded silk scarf hanging on the hanger, and with the clothes folder fixed, fear of clothing clips will leave traces on the scarf, can be used thick paper clips between the clip and the scarf.

(4) will be folded into 1/4 of the size of the silk towel, into a multi-layer inside the folder, collection, as long as the folder flat, will not produce crepe pleat, and at a glance.

Because the use of silk scarf is not limited by the season, so the time of collection is relatively not too long. For a slightly longer collection, you can use the following two methods:

(1) The first is the use of fresh film core, will be folded in the fold of silk scarves in the core of the film, does not occupy space, but also to prevent crepe pleat.

(2) The second is the use of laundry storage bags, hanging on the racks of scarves and shawls cover a laundry storage bag, can prevent dust.

2, how to preserve the long-term scarf shawl to eliminate the method of hanging knot---to comb open the hanging ear and then collect: in the collection of shawls and scarves before the suspension should be brushed open, but not forcibly pulled up, the use of a thicker comb to open the hanging spike, and steam iron vapor will suspend the spike straight.

Shawl Collection Method---Foil will be used to wrap the spike: Each year to the winter will be the collection of shawls out of the wardrobe, whether the occurrence of overhanging curved twists and turns, how to iron can not eliminate the phenomenon? In this recommendation you in the long-term collection, the first to tidy up the spike, and then wrapped with aluminum foil paper.

Scarf Collection Method---wrapped in thin tissue to prevent aliasing: After combing the hanging part, fold to the inside, with good permeability of thin paper will scarf carefully wrapped up, can prevent hanging spike knot, but also mildew, otherwise the second year when used, see unrecognizable scarf, regret also too late.