How To Tie A Silk Jacquard Clip Necktie

How to tie a silk jacquard clip necktie?How do men play ties? 5 kinds of tactics make you handsome! A well-tailored, suit and leather-footed man's dress often has a unique charm, and the charm of the show, the tie is very important. Tie must hit, do not wait until the important moment of life!          

1.Ping Jie

Ping Jie is the most classic and the most simple tie method, and is relatively suitable for shirts with narrow collar. It should be noted that the tightness of the bow tie should be moderate, and the widest point of the tie should be at the waist

silk jacquard clip necktie

  2. Wen Shajie           

Windsor knot is commonly used in business, politics and other specific occasions. Very beautiful, a typical British style, and its steps are the most complex among the most commonly used tie techniques. It is suitable for wide collar shirts, and the bow tie should be more horizontal. Avoid wearing too thick ties and not too big bow ties.    

silk jacquard clip necktie

3. Prince Albert's knot            

The difference between the prince's knot and the double ring is that the prince's knot is between the two rings that are formed, and the "dimples" of a man, and the double ring knot is inserted from the most inner layer to make the inner layer a little bit out. The prince joins the softer tie, and when he tie the tie, pay attention to the long space in the big end, so as to make the two lap fit as much as possible so as to make the tie perfect and type.  

silk jacquard clip necktie

4, Hannover knot            

The Hanover knot is somewhere between the Windsor knot and the half-Windsor knot, but shorter than the Windsor knot. It is very suitable for tall and burly men.  

silk jacquard clip necktie

5, double cross junction            

Double cross is a very honorable tie, suitable for a thick texture of the shirt, its crossover and double ring gives a solemn feeling, suitable for formal occasions.

silk jacquard clip necktie