How To Tie Thenecktie And Ten Kinds Of Tie

First of all, I'd like to introduce a romantic knot that I like most. Because of his name, he likes and plays simply and perfectly. It is suitable for all kinds of romantic necklines and shirts.

Next is a relatively simple and practical one: the coach's knot. The operation is simple and easy to remember. It is suitable for blouses in standard style.

The next is the common choice: the knot. It is also easy to operate. Neckties suitable for all kinds of materials.

One more simple one: single knot. This style is suitable for romantic shirts of various occasions. It is certain that a friend who wears a tie for the first time will not be wrong.

Next, we will introduce two fashionable styles: double loop. This style is suitable for young office workers and can create a good sense of fashion.

Another fashion: cross - knot. This is suitable for tie with a single pigment and thin material. You can create a high-profile fashion. If you think you are a fashionable fashion person, you can make more use of it.

Next, I will introduce several elegant and solemn ways: Windsor knot. This kind of shirt is suitable for wide neckband, easy to choose material and light tie, which can compare this effect.

Next, I will introduce several elegant and solemn ways: double crossing. Suitable for formal ceremonious occasions, showing both elegance and a sense of dignity. A few friends chose this type of marriage.

Next, I will introduce some elegant and solemn ways: Prince Albert's knot.  It is suitable for romantic and elegant occasions. With the collar shirt or soft thin tie, the most elegant quality can be displayed.

The last one is relatively rare: cross knot. Because of its complexity, it is rare to see someone playing this knot. If you want to show a more unusual temperament, you can try this knot. Both the romantic neckline and the standard neckline are applicable.


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