Matching Techniques For Men's Shirts And Ties

1. Do not match patterns of the same type

For example, a checked suit must not be fitted with a checkered shirt and a plaid tie. If you wear a dark plaid suit, plain or striped, patterned shirts and ties are beautiful. Plaid shirts with diagonal tie, straight-line shirt pattern tie, although they are straight lines, but there are changes in the direction of lines, not monotonous and dull. Dark checked pattern shirt with tie. Dark squares can be treated here as plain colors, and printed or patterned ties are best with plain shirts. If you have a shirt or a lined shirt, it will be a bit dazzling.

2. Tie and coat color with the same color, different patterns of collocation

The background of the tie is light brown and has a twill with the same color as the jacket. The white shirt looks very gentle.

3. The color of tie and shirt with the collocation method of different colors and patterns

The yellow plain tie with yellow striped shirt makes people look refreshed.

4. The color and pattern of the tie are completely different from the shirt and jacket, forming a contrasting collocation method.

Dark red plaid tie with gray striped shirt on the white and gray suit jacket, eclectic revealing chic.

5. Plain shirt and tie and suit with the law

It is a mix of plain shirts and various patterns and color ties. The color of the shirt can be very nice with the tie or the same color or with the color of the tie. No matter whether it is equipped with stripes, squares or flower patterns, it will not go wrong.