Men's Long Scarf Various Methods

1. loose type gently shake a loose circle around the neck and then you can take a very feel

 Department of Law: One after the other, fold the scarf into two halves, and then arbitrarily set it around your neck. This can be very playful.

2. Tie type Shake 2 laps around the neck in the excess length stuck in front of the warm and big boy Fan

 Department of law: simply fold the scarf into a long strip and put it on the neck. Then cross the front and wrap it around the neck, and then tie a knot. Then the front scarf pulls down to let it droop naturally. This method is not only simple, but also the modeling trend. Full of children.

3. That is, the type of jacket is simply to put him on the body that is elegant and elegant, but this system must be with the long coat to feel

 Department of Law: Scarf draped over the neck to 2 parallel

4. The coil type

Method: Grab 3 points 1 Scarf and left neck fixed At the other end, two turns from the back to the front and one circle are bigger than the one at the circle. Then you can go around to the front of the chest.

5. The long and short coil version has a different flavor

Department of Law: It's almost the opposite of 4 but it's about 2 points in the scarf.