Men's Shirt Selection Skills

1. Make a distinction between shirt styles. When wearing suits or formal dresses on formal occasions, you should choose to wear a shirt that wears inside; shirts worn inside jackets or tunic suits have the best wear type, followed by wear inside and outside. When the shirt is worn only for outerwear, outer wear type or inner and outer wear type is a more appropriate choice. In formal situations, white shirts or light-colored shirts should be worn, and dark suits and ties should be worn to be solemn and solemn.

2. Shirt sleeves should be about one centimeter longer than suit sleeves. This not only reflects the level of dress, but also keeps the sleeves clean.

3. When the shirt is worn with a tie (whether worn with a suit or not), the neck button, cuff button, and sleeve button must all be buckled to show the men's rigidity and strength.

4. It is advisable to fit the size of the collar of the shirt into the looseness of one finger. Slender necks are particularly afraid of the collar is too large, otherwise it will give people a sense of weakness.

5. When wearing a suit without a tie, a button on the neckline of the shirt must not be buckled, and the button on the threshold must be fully buckled, otherwise it will appear too casual and lacking in self-cultivation.

6. When wearing a suit, the skirt of the shirt should not be worn in the waistband. This will give people a sense of neither fish nor fowl, not enough taste; on the contrary, it will make people look more energetic and confident.

7. Should choose to wear the hem style shirt, it is easy to hem into the trousers waist, but also comfortable to wear, waist and hip position flat service beautiful.

8. Formal short-sleeved shirts can be worn on formal occasions with a tie. This is not only adaptable to the climate, but also manly style.