Men's Shirt Size Measurement Method

Men's size is determined by the important indicators of shoulder width, collar, waist circumference.

1. To test whether a shirt collar is suitable for oneself, the method is actually very simple: buckle the first button of the shirt, and then extend the index finger into the gap between the collar and the neck. If it can be put in fairly easily, it means that That is your standard leader.

2, shoulder width from the shirt's left and right shoulder points along the back slightly horizontal upward arc distance

3, Sleeve length from the shoulder of the shirt from the end of the vertical measuring tape to the wrist

4, chest natural breathing state, with a soft ruler in the armpit along the chest fullest horizontal circumference measured by the size

5, waist circumference measured from the waist circumference of the shirt at the smallest horizontal distance measured

6. The length of the garment is measured from the intersection of the neck and shoulders. The ruler should be perpendicular to the ground. The length to the length of your desired garment is the length of the garment. After the clothing length: from the vertical center of the neck of the shirt to the bottom of the hem.