Necktie Steps

In business activities, it is unavoidable to carry out suit and suit. Many people will not tie the tie, or ask people to play well on the neck, or buy a tie, in fact, the tie is not a technical work, see the following tie detailed understanding of the tie you will feel that the original tie is so simple.

Four hand knots

The most commonly used classic necktie method is not four hand knot, four hand knot play, bow tie is diagonal triangle, suitable for narrow collar shirt, simple style, very convenient.

The right hand pinches the wide end, the left hand pinches the narrow end, and the cross is stacked. The wide ends are on the top, and the narrow ends are below.

First, the wide end is wound to the narrow end, then the wide end is turned from the right hand side to the left hand side, and the wide end is turned into the tie knot, and the wide end is turned out from the collar position. Finally, the wide end is inserted into the previously formed ring to fasten, and then it is possible.

Prince Albert

Suitable for romantic, soft, thin necktie, with romantic collar collar and collar shirt.

Windsor knot

Because the width of the knot is wider than the general width, it is very suitable for the romantic series shirts on the Italian neckline (eight collar).


Romantic knot is a perfect knot that matches all kinds of romantic necklines and shirts.

Simple typing

The simple knot is also called the chariot knot, one of the most common forms, which is suitable for a thick tie with a standard and buckled neckline shirt.

Cross method

The cross is also called the semi Windsor knot, which is very elegant but more complex and more suitable for the use of fine neckties, with a romantic neckline and a standard neckline shirt.


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