Other Precautions For Scarves

such as wearing a local hook after broken yarn, take off the needle, the loose line should immediately stop wearing, to repair, lest the needle coil scattered gaps needle become larger. All wool and high proportion of wool products can not be washed with washing machine and drum dryer for drying, because the wool after washing will be felt, needle ring shrink, hard, serious deformation

After wearing cashmere scarf or before storage, be sure to wash. This can reduce the conditions of moth activity. Always open the wardrobe or trunk cover to make it ventilated to keep the scarf dry. Try to avoid friction with rough surfaces. Some of the parts of the friction opportunities, such as sleeves and desktop, sofa armrest, bag, etc., and avoid long time backpack, avoid long wear without the lining of the rough coat, should minimize such contact. The main ingredient of wool is protein, also contains a small amount of fat, is the moth favorite food. In the yellow mold season, easy to absorb moisture and mildew by the intrusion of mold.