Scarf Maintenance And Washing

It is recommended that the woman who has the condition adopt dry cleaning, unconditionally also can hand wash, hand washing high-grade cashmere products should take the following way:

1, cashmere products are made of a precious cashmere raw material, because the cashmere has light, soft, warm, slippery characteristics, home washing is best done by hand alone (do not mix with other clothes washing); different colors of cashmere products should not be washed together, lest stained color.

2. Before washing, the size of cashmere products is well recorded. Stained with coffee, fruit juice and blood stains, such as cashmere products, should be sent to a special washing and dyeing shop wash.

3, before washing with cold water soak for 5-10 minutes (jacquard or multicolor cashmere products should not be soaked), while the edge of the dip with both hands in the water gently squeeze. The purpose of immersion extrusion is to make the grime attached to the interior of cashmere break away from the fiber and into the water, while the other part of the dirt is loosened. Soak both hands gently squeeze the water, and then put 35 ℃ or so in the neutral washing liquid side soak with both hands gently squeeze wash, do not wash with hot soap, can not be rubbed, can not be used with large alkaline washing powder, otherwise there will be shrinkage velvet scene and deformation. When washing cashmere products at home, you can wash them with shampoo. Because cashmere fiber is protein fiber, is afraid of alkaline large detergent, and shampoo is "mild" type of neutral detergent.

4, after washing cashmere products need to "over acid" (will be washed cashmere products in the right amount of ice acetic acid in the solution soaked), in order to medium and residual in cashmere soap lye, improve the luster of the fabric, to protect the hair fiber, in the "over acid" procedure, if no glacial acetic acids can also be used to replace edible vinegar, But after the acid also need a water.

5, with 30 ℃ of water rinse clean, can be matching softener according to the amount of instructions, feel better.

6, the washed cashmere products in the water extrusion, into the bag net in the washing machine dehydration tube dehydration.

7, will be dehydrated after the cashmere sweater tile in the shop has the towel to be on the table, uses the ruler quantity to the original size, uses the hand to organize into the prototype shade, should avoid hangs the exposure.

8, shade, can be used in the medium temperature (140 ℃ or so) steam ironing flat hot, iron and cashmere products away from the 0.5~1 cm distance, avoid pressure on the above, such as with other irons must be wet towels.