Scarf Simple Collocation

Warmer temperatures, scarves gradually became decorative, morning can warm the cold, afternoon decoration, in addition to color texture, the system is also intriguing. Deductive methods are numerous, collocation is to see personal skills, simply, scarf (halstücher) to tide, must change. Here are a few matching suggestions

1: Long dress skirt style is very Japanese, while stretching the visual effect of the legs, red scarf to brighten the wearer's complexion, the overall give a stylish, cordial feeling.

2: A very cute set of matching, black knit scarf and black tights, highlighting the large knitted gown orange, become the bright spot in the late autumn Street. A pair of wooden slope heel shoes, rivet design small details with the leather bag on the rivet form echoes, can say mm very know to dress collocation, very careful.

3: The choice of beige, the main tone of the color, belong to the neutral free and easy collocation style, give people casual, comfortable feeling, paisley pattern scarf (halstücher), thick retro taste, favored by fashion.

4: Wearing a badge of the Japanese mm wearing a British style of clothing, mix and match the taste is full. The lattice pattern of the scarf and purple plaid tie shirt inside and outside echoes, very consistent with this season's popular points. But the sandals on the feet are too inopportune.