Six Kinds Of Wear Method

The scarf, especially the silk scarf, is really a science. How many kinds of scarves do you wear? The designer shows you the fresh wear method of these kinds of scarves, add some special decorations, such as scarf buckle, long pearl necklace, etc. There are simple and easy to learn ways to get started, there are some relatively novel, special fever techniques. These exquisite scarves are twisted, folded, twisted and turned into perfect decorations in their hands. Follow our steps to learn how to wear a scarf to make your fall as refreshing and warm as it is.

A long scarf can be so small, winding in the neck two, and then knot.

b scarf and Necklace perfect collocation, looks a bit complex, but very effective.

C Choose a square scarf, folded into a regular fan-shaped fold. Use a iron to form a little ironing. Fasten buckle, fasten with scarf buckle.

D Hood Diagonal folding, twist at corners. Slewing Buckle. Hide the buckle and tidy it up.

E looks simple to wear method, in fact, the beauty is to emphasize the volume and integrity of the knot. First fold the silk scarf into a long strip, play a common knot, and then the left and right towel angle from the knot.

F hanging in front of the long silk scarf, the method is a bit similar to men's way of tie, different is a chain of the eye, it seems particularly charming.