The Collocation Technique Of Scarf

Rose and Black

Full of vitality of Rose, for the cold winter to bring the warmth of the silk, the most can show the feminine gentle and sweet characteristics of the best color.

Collocation skills: Rose and black collocation, reflecting the level of fresh and bright. If you have a fair complexion, Rose is the best choice.

Pink and white match

Pink Thin jacket, is this season ol wardrobe necessary wardrobe. With knitted large scarf, is undoubtedly the most sweet and lovely dress.

Collocation Skill: The outfit is very flexible, the white large knit scarf is suitable to match any color clothing. Choose a bar for yourself.

White and light blue

White ol set, the overall temperament of natural fresh, and light blue large knit scarf combination, extremely cute.

Collocation skill: This pure color long and knee scarf is very character, put on the coat can casually put the scarf in front and back shoulder, unrestrained comfortable. In addition, the color of the scarf and the color of the package to each other, more overall collocation adds a bit of charm.

Black and Blue Match

The black knit scarf is definitely a lap. Always give people a steady, dull feeling, so in the collocation with the clothing, should choose colorful clothing.

Collocation skill: This lake Blue coat and black scarf match, the color is very harmonious. Simple style in black with the change of casual and fashion, and the color of the coat can foil the charm of black.

Yellow and white match

Collocation skill: This style collocation is close to Yu Yinglen style, the Burberry stripe series also has similar collocation, the windbreaker with long long cold towel discloses the British lady-like elegance.

Meat Powder and red mix

Collocation skills: If the sex is sexy or a woman like a little bit of women can completely follow this style, it will give you the feeling of floating like fairy.

The golden Orange is paired with the golden Orange

The beauty of Stephanie is well known, both in appearance and stature, including the feminine charm of her own. Have to let a lot of women envy, she for the 06 annual calendar shot This group of photos are often let the long scarf drift in the wind, there is also a dynamic and quiet beauty of the enjoyment.

Collocation skill: This kind of scarf is very suitable for the reserved woman, they have a common characteristic-the charm of knowing sex. Nature is not publicity but in the gestures between the charm of women, this woman is the most suitable for this kind of silk soft beauty.