The Difference Between Men’s Silk Ties And Bow Ties For Men

The difference between men’s silk ties and bow ties for men

The bow tie originated from the Croatia mercenaries in the seventeenth Century during the European war. They used silk scarves around the neck as the neckline of a fixed shirt. This method was gradually adopted by the French upper class. The French necktie was at the time.            

Before the fashion industry, the tie was more prevalent in eighteenth Century and nineteenth Century, although ties were more common in today's society, but the tie was being renewed in business meetings, ceremonious occasions and even at home. Some wore a bow tie to attend a lighter dinner, cocktail party or evening activities. Traditionally, a bow tie is still used as a lining for tuxedo. It is considered the only orthodox neckline dress. In formal black tie, you need to wear a bow tie, but it is not necessarily black. Bow tie is sometimes regarded as a symbol of connotations in popular culture, such as James Bond, a spy in novels and movies. On the other hand, bow ties are also commonly seen in Clowns' clothes. Some people think that bow ties are unfashionable or eccentric.            

When wearing a formal suit, it is a beautiful tie, which is both elegant and elegant and solemn. However, it symbolizes the necktie of civilization, but it has evolved from the uncivilized. The earliest ties can be traced back to ancient Rome. At that time, the soldiers were wearing scarves on their chest, which were used to wipe the battle knife razor cloth, in the battle knife toward the scarf, you can wipe off the top of the blood. Therefore, most modern ties are made of striped patterns. A tie is like a symbol that shows formality, depth, and social understanding, usually used for decoration, with a suit, and usually for formal occasions.   

Tie and bow tie are different in temperament.            

Common style: all of the formal occasions, do not ask which more formal, the formal occasion is also divided into many kinds, different occasions will be worn also different, to see in which formal occasions wear tie, tie or brooch and the like.            

The makings of the tie are gorgeous and noble; The neckties are elegant and elegant.            The banquet ceremony, the dance celebration must use the tie; Political meetings and business negotiations must use neckties. The tuxedo and ritual clothes must wear a tie.            Wear a suit or shirt with a tie or tie. You can watch the president of the United States,            The tie is worn at national banquet celebrations. Wear a tie in a state visit. The tie is the strongest in business and work situations, but it is also appropriate. It must be more graceful in high-end banquets and other occasions.    


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