The Difference Between Men's Suit Waistcoats

The difference between Men's suit Waistcoats

1, the fabric is not the same before and after the vest            

Generally speaking, the front and back pieces of the vest (the front and rear fabrics are different, but the color is the same, the back piece is satin, cotton or the fabric containing the copper and ammonia). The style of the vest is relative to the suit, so it is smooth and smooth and protects the suit. At the same time reduce the thickness of the vest and avoid overstaffing after wearing a Western coat.

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2, the same fabric before and after the vest            

Compared to the former, it is a more fashionable or casual style of dressing. It is difficult to buy such style in general shopping malls, unless it is custom-made, and the original design of the front and back fabric like a vest or such a method is to keep warm.            

It was recorded that the vest originated in Europe in sixteenth Century, when the design wasn’t a collar, sleeveless coat on both sides of the dresses, with a length of about knee, satin fabric, between the coat and the shirt. After evolution, the clothing is shortened and the suit is worn. At the time of origin or rise, they were workers and hunters who wore warm clothing and convenient work.            

3, the popular vest.            

Now the vest, as a man's necessary single. Style design and color collocation more diversified, basic according to the number of buttons, collar style patchwork design waistcoat style.            

One, the most classic style is single row 5 grain buckle vest (common 6, 5, 4, 3 buckle vest).

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(2) the current trend is that more and more people like to take the collar of the vest, with the suit to wear a clear layer, the chest position is more full, the single breasted vest almost do not pick the body, men's perfect single product.

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(3) double breasted vest is more full of vision than a double row suit.

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