The Importance Of The Silk Printed Tie

In formal occasions, especially in formal occasions that need to wear shirts, it is necessary to tie a tie on the top of the button, otherwise it will look very stupid, especially in finance, auditing, consulting, advertising and other professionals who need to see the customer. Only after the tie is tied, the word "professional" will follow. You're on the top:

1.Determine the breadth of a tie based on the figure            

The width of the necktie is closely related to the fashion. The wide tie is more formal and the narrow tie is more fashionable. Apart from being fashionable, the tie width should be chosen according to the shape. The strong man is suitable for the wide barge suit, with a wide tie. The wide band of the tie should be kept between 8 ~11cm. It can both be in shape and appear steady and mature. At the same time, a wide tie is also the preferred style for business occasions. Slim men are suitable for narrow tie suits and narrow neckties, and the wide sword width of necktie should be kept between 5~7cm. Narrow tie is usually suitable for easy fashion parties and casual occasions.

2.Determine the width of the tie by referring to the style of the suit or shirt

The widest part of the silk printed tie is consistent with the width of the collar and looks more coordinated; if you don't wear a suit coat, the tie should be close to the width of the shirt collar and avoid the mismatch of visual embarrassment.

3.Two, tie should be coordinated with the color and wearing occasions.            

As an important accessory for men's clothing, different coloring ties can give people different impressions. Warm coloured ties convey warmth and enthusiasm; cold colors give a calm and sagacious impression; bright colors convey youth, sunshine and liveliness; dark colors give people a solemn, steady, atmosphere. The pure coloured tie is a classic choice, easy to match, and it can prepare deep and light colors to deal with all kinds of suits and shirts with different light and coloured colors.

4. How to judge the quality of a tie?

A well-made tie should be worn in detail. The suture lined in the lining is uniform and straight and straight. The lining size is just good and smooth. Close edge, no naked thread and edge; The two angles of the formal tie are both 90 degrees and symmetrical. When the tie is done, the top of the tie can be folded and a good tie can be fully aligned.

The so-called master to lead the door, practice in personal, clothing is a need to keep learning and practice of learning, the focus is to form their own aesthetic judgment in learning.


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