Use Of Scarf

1: in cold climates, people wear woollen scarves of wool to keep them warm.

2: in dry weather, dusty or air polluted places, people can wrap a light scarf over their heads to keep their hair clean.

3: with the development of time, this habit has become the trend dress of many women in culture.

4: a rope - it can be used to tie things up.

5: hang up - don't explain it

6: packaging and loading - some scarves are opened very large and can wrap up scattered things for easy carrying.

7: hand protection. For example, there are many groceries, plastic bags to handle hands, and a scarf to protect fingers.

8: weapons! When you meet a bad person, you can use a scarf to wrap stones or keys and other hard objects as weapons.

9: help the child to learn to walk. Use a stronger scarf across the child's armpit, pull it behind, and let the child learn to walk.

A scarf is a long strip, triangle, square and so on around the neck. Wool fabric, snow spun material, silk material, cotton linen material and cloth are usually used to keep warm, and can also be worn because of beauty, cleanliness or religion.


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